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PHP/MySQL developer for just $0.99 per hr, yes thats right just $0.99 per hr. Please read thru

Is it hard to find reliable, dependable php mysql programmers/developers every time you want to get something done? Do you find that you need them the most, these php mysql programmers and developers seem to disappear, never to be heard from? You asked us and we answered! Please go through the following and check out what our web developers (we call them Geeks) has to offer you…

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Are you a small to mid sized business looking for php mysql programmers (web developers)? Over the past 7+ years of our web development career, we have heard the most common complaints of businesses/project managers, these include

  • Does not communicate well
  • Not reliable
  • Can not finish the task
  • Can not finish the task on time
  • Poor quality work, has too many bugs
  • Doesn’t use common sense
and once they find us they breathe a breath of fresh air.
We listened and got together to bring this unique opportunity of providing affordable and quality php mysql programmers that you can depend upon.

How It Works!

  • Place an order of ‘Starter Pack’ – Just $0.99 per hr.
  • You will be assigned a geek within 12 hours via email and in-built private messaging system.
  • The assigned geek will confirm all the details with you.
  • You authorize the geek to begin work via email and/or in-built private message system.
  • You can ask for any changes, additions, graphics, programming, etc.
  • Geek uses work tracking system to keep track of work done (via Dropbox and Auto Screenshot).

Our Packages


$0.99Per Hr.
  • For 5 hours You pay only
  • US $ 4.99
  • Good For Building Trust


$4.99Per Hr.
  • For 500 hours You pay only
  • US $ 2495
  • Good For Very Large Project


$5.99Per Hr.
  • For 200 hours You pay only
  • US $ 1198
  • Good For Large Project


$6.99Per Hr.
  • For 100 hours You pay only
  • US $ 699
  • Good For Large Project


$7.49Per Hr.
  • For 50 hours You pay only
  • US $ 374.5
  • Good For Mid-Size Project


$7.99Per Hr.
  • For 25 hours You pay only
  • US $ 199.75
  • Good For Small Project


$8.49Per Hr.
  • For 10 hours You pay only
  • US $ 84.99
  • Good For Very Small Project

Why Hire Us?

If you want to develop high quality php/mysql web applications on time every time, then your quest ends with GeeksPerHr.com. All the geeks enjoy what they do. You save money doing it and We love employing our php/mysql skills. We all are highly skilled professionals with many years of programming experience.

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